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Pictures of The Web (Circa 2008): Pt. I

This is the first part of the collection of websites that I enjoyed visually and used as inspiration in my own practice, eight years ago. Hope this helps as a refresher of how much our industry has changed (or not).

Featured work


Catchafire is a marketplace for professionals to find pro-bono opportunities with great nonprofits. I work here as Product Manager building features and improving the site in many ways. is a online freeform self-expression space I’m contributing to. Anybody can participate without registering or revealing their identity.


Coleure started as a simple curated color picker. Later a 10K submission. Now it’s turning into a premium color management tool.


Salvattore is a CSS-driven layout helper for a common web design problem. It’s like Masonry but simpler and nicer.

How Does Relativity Work?

How Does Relativity Work? is an interactive presentation to learn about one of the most fundamental properties of reality.

La Mula

La Mula is a community news portal with more than 1 million visits per month, making it one of the most influencial sources in Peru. I worked here as Product Manager conceiving what would become the current version of the site.


Typequoting was originally a sort of game and experiment with type. Now it’s a spam cesspool. Worth checking out, though!


Parachutes was a secret new venture by Rob Kalin, co-founder of Etsy. I joined full-time as Designer and Front-end Developer in 2012. Alas, this product was cancelled and never made public.

Etiqueta Negra

Etiqueta Negra is perhaps the most popular literature magazine in Peru. I built the current online presence for them as a freelance contractor in 2011.


Mistura is the biggest gastronomic festival in Peru. I worked on the front-end of their 2010 promotional website.


iStore was the first Apple Premium Reseller in Peru. I helped them create and maintain their online presence from the very beginning in 2008 until 2010.

Lúcuma Labs

Lúcuma is a design and user experience agency based in Peru. Although most of their clients are international, like Infobae in Argentina. I worked here as designer and front-end developer.


Xenda is a web development agency based in Peru which I contributed to as in-house designer and later as contributor with their identity and new project Code Picnic.