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My Popular GitHub Repo I Didn't Actually Code

In less than three years, my open source project Salvattore is helping more than 1,800 web designers and developers create multi-column layouts like Pinterest. It is not the first tool to accomplish this, nor is really my project.

Featured work


Catchafire is a marketplace for professionals to find pro-bono opportunities with great nonprofits. I work here as Product Manager building features and improving the site in many ways.


Coleure started as a simple curated color picker. Later a 10K submission. Now it’s turning into a premium color management tool.


Salvattore is a CSS-driven layout helper for a common web design problem. It’s like Masonry but simpler and nicer.

La Mula

La Mula is a community news portal with more than 1 million visits per month, making it one of the most influencial sources in Peru. I worked here as Product Manager conceiving what would become the current version of the site.


Parachutes was a secret new venture by Rob Kalin, co-founder of Etsy. I joined full-time as Designer and Front-end Developer in 2012. Alas, this product was cancelled and never made public.

Etiqueta Negra

Etiqueta Negra is perhaps the most popular literature magazine in Peru. I built the current online presence for them as a freelance contractor in 2011.


Mistura is the biggest gastronomic festival in Peru. I worked on the front-end of their 2010 promotional website.


iStore was the first Apple Premium Reseller in Peru. I helped them create and maintain their online presence from the very beginning in 2008 until 2010.